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Managing multiple users and literally hundreds of passwords can be tedious at best. At worst it's a disaster. Thanks to Soteria it's all a cake walk!

Don Elliott President of Elliott Design

Special Features

  • Strong encryption to protect your info.
  • Detailed reports
  • Intelligent back ups
  • Built in help pane with videos
  • Built in Password generator
  • Super fast doc & app launcher

Stay In The Loop

Soteria Password reduces risk by making it easy to use truly secure passwords. It’s ability to share secure information via users and groups makes Soteria Password the ideal tool for business.

Super Easy, Super Fast.

Soteria is the ideal app for managing passwords, documents and other sensitive information. Watch this 90-second introduction video and learn how easy it is to use! Then get started today, for FREE.

Creating A New Password Is This Easy

See how to easily add an entry to Soteria. This example uses a recipe web site and a folder full of recipe files on the computer. It also shows how to deal with a web site that has password limitations, but the error message is not at all helpful.

25 Passwordles Poster

Are you using any of these? According to the Huffington post, these are the top 25 WORST passwords of 2011. In this case worst is defined as most used, and thereby most likely to be figured out by potentially unscrupulous folks. Download this poster by Don Elliott to remind yourself not to use them!